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Indian cuisine is best known for its rich variety and aromatic spices that bring a unique flavor to each delicacy. While the mains have been garnering praise from all across the world, the starters still remain a mysterious platter of tiny bits of tangy, savory, and sometimes spicy entrees. Appetizers act as teasers for our taste palette, prepping the body for the meals ahead with tiny bite-sized morsels. While traditional Indian appetizers were fritters, finger foods, and papads, cultural evolutions have brought fusion food into play, and today Indian cuisine is as vibrant as any other! From soups to fried, crunchy bites and the tandoori specialties, Mahal Classic Indian takes extra pride in serving cult-favorite entrees for every taste palette. Here, we attempt to compile our top-rated appetizers that are a must-try! 

Punjabi Seekh.

Anyone familiar with Indian food will know that no starters’ platter is complete without a skewers’ delicacy. This is partly because every Indian appetizer has a unique cooking method, but the essence remains in making the juices of the ingredients bring out the flavor of sprinkled garnishes and the tangy flavor of the spices. Thus, presenting Punjabi Seekh, a sinful combination of softest paneer with crunchy peppers, grilled and served with sweet tamarind and chili chutney also called paneer tikka. This recipe is sure to win hearts and make your mouth water!

Hara Bhara Kabab.

Taking the healthy veggie combination to the next level is a hara bhara kabab featuring spinach patties, cottage cheese, and spicy chilies, masalas, and chutneys to fire up your taste buds. Not made for the faint-hearted, this combination remains the favorite among serious Indian food lovers. So, if you’re up for a spicy ride, hop on the kabab train!

Vegetable Samosa.

Admittedly, no starters’ recommendation list is complete without mentioning the popular Indian street food and supper snacks like Aloo Tikki, Bhel poori, Dahi Bhalla, Chaat Papdi, and the award-winning piece of art, Vegetable Samosa! These crispy turnovers are packed with mashed potatoes seasoned with herbs, chilies, peas, chunks of paneer, and much more. This versatile recipe has over 100 variations, each with an amazingly finger-licking, tangy taste that leaves everyone wowed. Served with tamarind and mint-chili sauce, try a samosa, and you’ll forever associate Indian food with it.

Thecha Jhinga.

Traveling south towards the region, with a prominent preference for seafood, prawns are used in many staples in the states of Kerala, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and other regions. A more widely prepared condiment used to cook prawns is Thecha, a spicy mixture made with basal ingredients of chili peppers, garlic, sesame, cumin cloves, and generous dollops of coconut seasoning. Jhinga, a Hindi name for prawns, is sauteed and then served with a toss in a bowl of Thecha.

Sikampuri Kabab.

While it originated in Pakistan, Hydrabadi sikampuri kabab has made a way in the Indian food platter after many regions made their own versions. Shikampuri kebab finds its lovers in Lukhnow, Delhi, and Pakistan alike. Mahal Classic Indian chefs proudly bring the recipe of grilled ground lamb patties, chickpea lentils, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and garlic that are sure to take your taste buds on a rollercoaster ride. So, order this royal delicacy and lose yourself in the rich flavors of sinful goodness!

Mahal Classic Indian is an authentic Indian restaurant serving our esteemed patrons with scrumptious meals made from farm-fresh ingredients and flavorful, traditional herbs and spices. Reserve a table or order take-out and enjoy truly Indian dishes and savor every bite!